Conspiracy at Carthage


Conspiracy at CarthageIn 1843, Joseph Smith discovered the existence of a “Corrupt Conspiracy” that threatened him and the Saints.  Nauvoo represented the key link in a planned massive internal improvements network.  Anti-Mormon leaders stood to benefit from land schemes and participation in the various internal improvement projects.  Previously, the Saints had been forced out because they were seen as a threat to an emerging commercial entrepot at Independence, Missouri.  They feared the Mormons would return.

Government abuse and the lust for wealth and power drove Anti-Mormon factions to consolidate their efforts to murder the prophet and force the Saints from their lands.  The explorer, William Clark, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Francis Scott Key, John C. Fremont, governors and senators are drawn into this epic story.  In the end we get a glimpse of the magnitude of Joseph’s Zion and what could have been.